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Night Flight to Norway


IN APRIL 1945 a Halifax aircraft of the Royal Air Force was shot down over Norway, while on a secret mission in support of the Norwegian Resistance. All save one of the crew were killed. The aircraft plunged into Lake Mjøsa, one of the deepest lakes in Europe, if not in the world. For fifty years she lay there almost forgotten, until a group of Canadian Air Force veterans came seeking a memorial to their comrades who had died in the Second World War. They heard of the Halifax down in the lake, raised her, and restored her until she was again pristine in every detail.


Night Flight to Norway takes you through the incredible journey of Halifax Aircraft NA 337, from the developments leading to its construction, to its disappearance and discovery, learn about this iconic Canadian memorial from the people who rebuilt it.

Nine years after the plane’s discovery in 1986, by Tose Marsoe and Rolf Lieberg, it was finally recovered from the depths of Lake Mjøsa. 100 individuals known as the Halifax Restoration Team began restoring the NA 337 back to its former glory. After ten years their exhaustive efforts were complete and on November 5, 2005 the finished plane was unveiled.

Night Flight to Norway combines history, archaeology, and art to tell the story of Canadian War Veterans during World War II and their efforts to restore the Halifax Aircraft NA 337 and preserve its related legacies.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: A Canadian Memorial
A Tribute to the R.C.A.F. and an Outline of the Historical Background

Chapter One: The Overture
Handley Page, the First World War and the Beginning of Civil Aviation

Chapter Two: The Norwegian Campaign
From Earliest Encounters to the Final Outcome

Chapter Three: The Clang of Sword and Shield
From Great Expectations to the Blunt Reality

Chapter Four: Target for Tonight
High Command, a Man of his Time, and Strategic Bombing

Chapter Five: Diversity, Partnership, and Secrecy
The Workhorse, Six Group, S.O.E. and the Secret War

Chapter Six: Fortress Norway
Quisling, the Occupation, and the Norwegian Resistance

Chapter Seven: R.A.F. Special Squadrons 153
‘They Flew by Moonlight’

Chapter Eight: ‘One of our aircraft is Missing’
The Night Flight to Norway

Chapter Nine: Research and Recovery
NA 337 is Raised from Lake Mjøsa, After 50 years Down in the Deep

Chapter Ten: Restoration and Completion
A Full Account, with Photographs to Cover Every Stage


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