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Night Flight to Norway
Halifax Aircraft NA 337 A Canadian Memorial
R.H.B. Boulton

IN APRIL 1945 a Halifax aircraft of the Royal Air Force was shot down over Norway, while on a secret mission in support of the Norwegian Resistance. All save one of the crew were killed. The aircraft plunged into Lake Mjøsa, one of the deepest lakes in Europe, if not in the world. For fifty years she lay there almost forgotten, until a group of Canadian Air Force veterans came seeking a memorial to their comrades who had died in the Second World War. They heard of the Halifax down in the lake, raised her, and restored her until she was again pristine in every detail.

‘Night Flight to Norway’ takes you through the incredible journey of Halifax Aircraft NA 337.

From the developments leading to its construction, to its disappearance and discovery, learn about this iconic Canadian memorial from the people who rebuilt it.



Nine year after the plane’s discovery in 1986, by Tose Marsoe and Rolf Lieberg, it was finally recovered from the depths of Lake Mjøsa.


100 individuals known as the Halifax Restoration Team began work on restoring the NA 337 back to its former glory. After ten years their exhaustive efforts were complete, on November 5, 2005 the finished plane was unveiled.

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Special thanks to all those who worked to bring this Canadian memorial back to life.


Halifax Aircraft Association – Board of Directors

Original Board as of 1996

F.E ‘Jeff’ Jeffery, D.F.C., President
Karl Kjarsgaard, Vice President
John Wright, Treasurer
Allan caine, D.F.C., Secretary
Al d’Eon, D.F.C
Robert G. Kearns
Colonel Ken Kee, C.D., Director R.C.A.F. Memorial Museum
John Stene, D.F.C. & Bar, Norwegian Representative
John Turnbull, C.M., D.F.C.

Board as of 2006

F.E ‘Jeff’ Jeffery, D.F.C., President
John Turnbull, C.M., D.F.C., Vice President
John Wright, Treasurer
Colonel Ken Kee, C.D., Vice President
John Stene, D.F.C. & Bar, Norwegian Representative
Captain Doug Rutley, C.D., Secretary
John Goheen
Robert G. Kearns
Lloyd Wright, D.F.C.

Recovery Crew

Lieut. Doug Rutley
W/O. C.B. (Bim) Peckford
Sgt J.M. (Marcel) Bourassa
M/Cpl. J.G. (Guy) Desgagne
M/Cpl. R. (Rob) Dickson
Cpl. R.P. (Pete) Hardonk
Cpl. D. (Dan) Gould
M/Cpl. D. (Derrick) Hill
Sgt. E. (Lanna) MacFarlane
Cpl. W. (Wayne) Milloy
W/O.N. (Nick) Nickerson
Sgt. B. (Barry) Silk

Restoration Team

Bill Tytula, Project Manager
Paul Botting, Project Supervisor
Dave Ablet
John Ashbee
Guy Barsi
Jim Benham
Wally Bentley
Duncan Banke
Deryck Brown
Glen Brunton
George Bugg
Rod Clark
Wayne Cowie
Guy Cuerrier
John Dawson
John Dogger
Maurice Ducarme
Charlie Fairbairn
Dick Fallon
Bill Fife
Kent Ford
Doug Freeland
Harry Fry
Reg Fulton
Norm Godfroy
John Greenwood
Al Harvey
Ken Harvey
Maciej Hatta
Dave Hepburn
Eric Higginson
John Hooper
Dave Jackson
Terry James
Ian Jamieson
Keith Jennings
Jasper Keizer
Garry Kennedy
Bob Ladoucier
Murray Leedham
Maurice Lewis
Tom Mann
Ivan Matthews
Red McGillivray
Bruce Moase
Nick Nickerson
Jack O’Donnell
Ron Pennington
Ray Raaflab
Wilf Rector
Bev Renshaw
Roy Silver
Bill Snelling
Steve Terefenko
Stu Thow
Dennis Tugwood
Albert Ward
Gari Webster
John Wells
Tom Whitaker
Lloyd Wright

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